The Best Digimon Cards and Decks for TCG Tournaments


If you’ve done any amount of research into the Digimon TCG meta, you’ll know about “Rookie Rush” decks. Instead of building up teams with powerful Digimon, Rookie Rush decks focus on ending the game as quickly as possible with a slew of Rookie cards.

Successful Rookie Rush decks are almost hybrid, bringing Rookies from more than one color type. Luckily, these decks are also relatively cheap, as you won’t need to buy any Secret Rare boss monsters. 

When it comes to exactly what Rookies you want to build for your deck, there are tons of options, but a deck recommended by YouTuber TrueChampionSteven specifically caught our eye. Focusing on yellow and green Digimon, the deck is focused around getting as many Digimon on the field as possible to defeat your enemy incredibly quickly. The only card that is particularly expensive in this particular build is Pulsemon, which goes for around $40 on average. Its effect is particularly powerful, however, so it’s a good idea to have one in your build.

Luckily, Pulsemon is by far the most expensive card in the deck. Others, such as Starmons, can be found for as low as $0.14 and massively reduce your enemy’s chance of defending against your Rookies. Spiral Masquerade, which goes for an average of $0.26, can also help keep enemy Digimon from defending, significantly lowering their DP. Cards such as Blinding Ray, which goes for an average of $0.24, allow you to build up your memory and swiftly get rookies on the board. 

If you don’t happen to take care of your opponent as swiftly as you may want to, no worries. Cards such as Salamon, which goes for an average of $1.50, allow you to recover some lost security, keeping you in the game for longer. Pairing cards with powerful effects with Rookies with high DP such as Aruraumon and Falcomon allow you to hit hard and fast, quickly destroying enemies that aren’t prepared.


Average Overall Price: $200-250

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