Link Tank: Wesley Snipes Weighs in on Blade Being Recast


“Fans of Zack Snyder’s version of DC’s cinematic uni(multi?)verse scored a big win when Warner Bros. eventually released Zack Snyder’s Justice League—the famed ‘Snyder Cut’ of the movie that was decidedly not what replacement director Joss Whedon gave us in theaters—on HBO Max. Now, there’s a push for similar treatment of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad film with an ‘Ayer Cut,’ and the movie’s Joker himself, Jared Leto, has now joined in.”

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Despite saying the film was made with the best intentions, Eddie Redmayne looks back on taking the lead role in The Danish Girl as a “mistake.”

“Eddie Redmayne is getting ready to star in a new production of Cabaret, and as part of his publicity tour for the gig, he sat down with The Sunday Times and addressed the longstanding controversy over his decision to play real-life transgender artist Lili Elbe in the 2015 movie The Danish Girl. The role got him an Oscar nomination, but criticisms of the casting (and of The Danish Girl in general) have made a more lasting impact than the movie itself.”

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One game might actually reinvent the wheel with its open-world gameplay, and it’s called Elden Ring.

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