Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Is the Most Surprising Game of 2021


Well, Guardians of the Galaxy is genuinely charming. From its immaculate ’80s bedrooms and spaceship quarters with stories to tell to those aforementioned glorious alien worlds, there are few corners of this game that don’t exemplify the apparent glee its creators felt at the opportunity to dive into this franchise and share their joy with the rest of us.

This is the kind of game that just puts a smile on your face when you play it, which is one of those qualities that has been valuable since video games were invented but it is also one of those qualities that we sometimes overlook as the medium has evolved and grown to be far more complicated.

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Story Makes You Feel Every Heartache and Triumph

As I mentioned above, Guardians of the Galaxy‘s opening hour or so is a bit rough. In fact, the shaky opening’s weaker writing, slow development, and incredibly simple gameplay left me wondering whether I would ever truly care about anything in this story or these characters beyond my inherent fascination with this universe.

In a way, though, that slow opening just makes the moment this game “hooks” you that much more impactful. Mind you, I’m not necessarily talking about a single moment in the game that does the trick, but rather your own personal moment when you realize just how in love the developers were with these characters and this story. There’s an infectious nature to this game’s story that leaves you feeling the weight of every character moment, every player decision, and every plot beat in a way that I’m not sure I’ve experienced since Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season One left me feeling so responsible for a group of characters I genuinely wanted to help.

Even if Guardians of the Galaxy‘s story wasn’t as “epic” as it is or as heavy as it becomes, the way it constantly refocuses itself to ensure you never forget that this is a story about a family of misfits that you grow to love would have been enough to make it one of the best video game narratives of the year.

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Licensed ’80s Soundtrack Is the Best Since GTA: Vice City

While some people think it’s easy to just throw a bunch of already beloved songs on a soundtrack and call it a day, we’ve seen enough examples of licensed soundtracks gone wrong in film, television, and games to know that the right mixtape is about so much more than playing the hits.

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