Halo Infinite: Best Guns and Weapons


While the MA40 is now capable of scoring headshots, it’s still best suited for close-range battles where its spread, larger magazine, and high rate of fire can really be put to work. Again, it’s just a solid, reliable gun.

Cinder Shot

This bouncing grenade launcher is an incredibly strange weapon to properly get a feel for. Truth be told, even its alternate fire mode which allows you to effectively seek a target don’t help make this gun much more than a weapon of chaos. 

So far as chaos goes, though, it’s a pretty good option. This thing is mostly designed to make groups of players panic, and it can certainly get easy kills in close encounter environments where there is nowhere to run.

Halo Infinite’s Best Guns and Weapons: C-Tier

Pulse Carbine 

The Pulse Carbine is essentially the Covenant version of a burst rifle. It fires very slow-moving projectiles that can do quite a lot of damage if they hit. 

The problem is that this gun’s strange rate of fire and awkward projectiles make it very difficult to depend on. It can be annoying at far ranges, but it’s just not reliable enough to be worthy of consideration outside of specific scenarios. 

Sentinel Beam

The Sentinel Beam still excels at potentially taking out multiple foes and annoying vehicle users everywhere, but it’s one of those guns that begs for the right situation in order to be truly useful. 

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