Marvel's Avengers: Spider-Man Gameplay Reveal Is the Game's Latest Disappointment


The idea that Spider-Man won’t get a “full” DLC release will undoubtedly disappoint some fans, but others may argue that what ultimately matters most is the ability to finally play as Spider-Man and enjoy the thrill of controlling one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes in the game’s various modes. Surely, the joy of playing as Spider-Man is worth as much (if not more) than the amount of new content that comes with the character, right?

Well, about that…

As you can see in the video above, Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man is just nowhere near as dynamic, smooth, and generally interesting as Insomniac’s take on that character and other video game versions of Spider-Man that we’ve seen over the years. He’s slower, clunkier, and large chunks of his combat style don’t even feel entirely unique to the character (not to mention that many of his animations feel like they belong in a PS2 game).

What’s worse is that Spider-Man’s web-slinging navigation abilities in this upcoming DLC are incredibly limited. Granted, Insomniac’s version of that character’s web-swinging abilities were always going to be “better” due to the simple fact that they got to build entire games around that character’s most iconic power, it just feels like the Avengers team couldn’t figure out how to allow Spider-Man more navigational speed and freedom without breaking the game. As such, web-swinging in this title is limited to very short ranges determined by invisible walls.

Mechanics aside, the most disappointing aspect of this character’s gameplay reveal has to be how “cheap” the whole thing looks. Again, this version of Spider-Man was never going to be as refined as Insomniac’s take on the character, but as fans are already pointing out, Spider-Man’s gameplay doesn’t even look that good when you view it on its own merits.

Look, it’s been a rough road for Marvel’s Avengers up until this point, but this might just be a new low for the game. The lack of substantial new content featuring Spider-Man is questionable enough, but the fact that they’re trying to sell this version of the character that is exclusive to a console where two objectively better looking (and seemingly better playing) versions of this character already exist is genuinely shocking. Maybe this would have been an easier sell to Xbox and PC gamers who don’t have access to Insomniac’s Spider-Man, but the already controversial fact that this game’s Spider-Man DLC is exclusive to PlayStation platforms is made that much more insulting by the reveal that this is the version of Spider-Man PlayStation gamers are going to get.

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