Will The Last of Us PS5 Remake Change the Game's Story?


The thing you have to consider, though, is that the remake may not have to significantly alter that story to fundamentally change it in ways that will at least be perceived as “major” by many fans. It’s when you start looking at it from that perspective that you start to see how tempting making minor changes might be.

First off, you’ve got to consider that this remake will almost certainly be released alongside (or close to) the debut of The Last of Us HBO series. We’ve already learned that the HBO series will deviate from the original game through new sequences, dialog differences, and all of the other changes you might expect when you’re taking a story from one medium to another.

While it’s unlikely a remake would change the original story in such a way that directly follows the events of the series, you certainly see where there’s room (and maybe even a bit of temptation) for the remake to feature a few new sequences, a couple of dialog changes, or even just a handful of little things designed to catch those familiar with the game off-guard.

It could all be relatively harmless, but when you’re talking about a story that many consider pitch-perfect, any change to any of those beats or any additional scenes that potentially interrupt the flow of the narrative could end up being significantly more impactful than they’d otherwise be. Even just a change in tone or delivery that affects how we perceive a character’s intentions could greatly impact how we read the events of the first game and how those events impact the second title (and any future installments).

That’s the other thing about this remake. To be blunt, the reactions to The Last of Us Part 2 show that there are some fans of the original game who have an interpretation of that game’s events that don’t necessarily gel with what happened in the sequel. Those differences fueled one of the most heated debates over a game’s plot in years. As those vocal (and sadly sometimes hostile) detractors point out, The Last of Us‘ ambiguous ending did suggest a few different paths forward and whichever one Naughty Dog committed to was almost always going to upset those who read the final moments of the game and the implications of what came next a bit differently.

On some level, Naughty Dog must be tempted to alter The Last of Us‘ most meaningful moments in perhaps minor ways that more clearly lead into what eventually happens. If that proves to be the case, there will always be questions regarding whether or not those changes were made as a kind of attempt to bring everyone “on board” and eliminate any confusion over what direction this story is going in and how the events of the first game should be interpreted. We already saw hints of that in the sequel, and those hints were not taken well by some fans.

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