Frozen 2: ‘Show Yourself’ Song Was Almost Cut from Movie


Anderson-Lopez agreed, recalling, “Frozen 1 was trying to open the lens of true love to include familial love. The thing I was so excited about when Jenn and Chris, and [producer Peter Del Vecho] came to us to do Frozen 2 was looking at ‘could we open the lens to finding your own power?’ Finding, without needing anybody, that moment, especially for a woman when they know, ‘This, this is my purpose in life. This is what I have to say.’ [For that] to feel like true love too and put that into the movie [was exciting].”

It’s thus a credit to how candid these same filmmakers are in the documentary when their disagreements over “Show Yourself” are laid bare. The narrative arc for the first three episodes of Into the Unknown is essentially a back and forth during virtual story meetings over “Show Yourself,” rising until the song was almost removed from the movie.

With cameras in Walt Disney Animation Studios in California viewing Lee, Buck, Del Vecho, and other filmmakers discussing problems with the song while other documentarians are watching it from Anderson-Lopez and Lopez’s perspective in their Brooklyn apartment, we’re given a glimpse into the one song the Lopezs obviously did not want to be deleted from the movie, as well as the story difficulties that arose when there was a disagreement about what the song is even about.

In the final film, Elsa arrives at Ahtohallan and sings that she realizes she’s home because the voice she hears in her head is the spirit of her mother… I think. To this day, there is still some debate among viewers as to whether the voice calling her to Ahtohallan was actually her own internal voice since she is the “Fifth Spirit of the Forest.” But perhaps that lingering confusion among fans is due to the final months of production when the filmmakers themselves disagreed about who that voice is.

“I have to say I’m a little confused,” co-production designer Michael Giaimo said about the song in the second episode of Into the Unknown. “It’s so dense. I’m looking for something linear.”

At the same story meeting producer Del Vecho almost whispered under his breath he thought it was musically clunky, even as he mentions that he doesn’t want to “second guess Bobby.” And finally before a big uncomfortable virtual call to Brooklyn, directors Lee and Buck all but said they wanted the song drastically rewritten from scratch.

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