Marvel's Eternals Post-Credits Scenes Explained: What They Mean for the MCU

Harry Styles as Starfox

Well, your eyes do not deceive you, for that is indeed international pop star sensation Harry Styles as Eros of Titan, perhaps better known as Starfox. And yes, Handsome Harry’s Starfox is indeed canonically known as Thanos’ brother. And yes, he’s also an Eternal, which makes Thanos an Eternal, too.

But wait, if the Eternals of this film are all synthetic beings who apparently can’t reproduce, then how can Thanos have a brother? Well, some of that is (theoretically) explained in the comics.

Now, granted, the MCU’s Eternals are pretty different from the comics versions, but essentially, in the comics, most Eternals were prevented from reproducing by the Celestials. And as we’ve seen in the movie, some Eternals will treat Celestial word as law, while others are more likely to question it, hence the conflict between the team in the film’s third act. But in the comics, some Eternals decided they didn’t like this rule against breeding, and so went and settled on the Moon of Titan (hi, Thanos!) to be fruitful and multiply or whatever, hence the notion of family between Thanos and Starfox.

But wait, why does Thanos look…well…like Thanos, and Starfox looks like Harry Styles? That’s because Thanos’ birth was the product of his parents experimenting by mixing Eternal and Deviant DNA. Hey, we only said they were brothers not twin brothers!

Pip’s heralding of Starfox does also refer to him as Eros, which nods both to the Eternals’ tendency to have names that are influenced by (or did the influencing) of Earth myths and legends as well as his power to manipulate the emotions of others. Alongside that, Eros is as tough as you might expect an Eternal to be, with serious durability, strength, and possibly the power of flight (although that didn’t seem to be a given with every member of the cinematic Eternals).

Please correct me if I’ve got this wrong, but Pip introduces Starfox as coming from “the Mystery Planet” and as the slayer of “Black Roger.” If I heard this right, that’s an incredibly deep cut, from an almost completely forgotten Marvel Comics Presents story where Starfox defeated the ruler of “Mystery Planet,” who went by the name of “Dark Roger.”

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