MST3K: A Christmas Episodes Guide for Mystery Science Theater 3000


When you get right down to it, Santa Claus is just a strange idea. A unique and fatherly superhero with a nonsense power set, ridiculous headquarters, and questionable sidekicks. His strange existence is compounded with even stranger details to cover up all the flaws in his concept. The Mexican movie Santa Claus comes off as someone playing Telephone with what Santa’s all about and creating something even more gonzo.

Watch as Santa prepares for Christmas up in his space fortress, accompanied by children from all parts of the world, laughing robot reindeer, a freaky pair of giant lips, and Merlin the Magician. He mainly focuses his attention on a poor girl named Lupita, who desperately wants a dolly.

And if those Martians from the earlier movie weren’t enough, now Santa Claus has to face the forces of Satan himself! While THE Devil is heard but not seen, he sends his weasely minion Pitch to screw over Santa, corrupt children, and just plain ruin Christmas.

It starts to drag at the end, but there are enough head-scratching moments to make this one worth checking out. Namely how some kid throws a rock through a window at an animatronic Santa display and it somehow hits the real Santa off in space.


While this episode isn’t presented as Christmas-themed, the movie itself is celebrated as a Christmas classic in parts of Eastern Europe and that’s good enough for me. Besides, the titular character is so Santa-esque that you kind of have to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Jack Frost is a Soviet fairy tale adventure from the 1960s that happens to be one of the best movies MST3K has ever targeted. All things considered, the movie totally owns and is pretty well-made for its time. It’s just that despite the competence, it’s too bonkers not to laugh at for most of the time. It’s a Russian fairy tale. You’re going to get some nutty situations.

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