MST3K: A Guide to the Giant Monster Movies of Mystery Science Theater 3000


Calling this movie a kaiju flick is stretching it, but it’s such an oddball entry that I can’t help but want to include it for the sake of discussing it. A very young Ron Howard creates a special goo that turns animals giant, which at one point leads to a couple giant ducks hanging out at a teen dance party. Soon a gang of asshole teenagers steal the goo and turn themselves into giants, who go on to rule the town.

It’s a giant movie with the soul of a beach comedy of the era and it sidesteps the violence by actually being somewhat smart about the reign of terror. The giant teens straight-up destroy all the sources for the town to call for help and they even keep the sheriff’s daughter hostage because getting shot probably still sucks. Regardless, the movie still makes for a prime MST3K target because it’s crazy horny and it has one of the more laughable special effects when one giants’ legs are shown in the form of a giant sculpture while cars drive around it.


I just can’t recommend this foggy, boring mess. A bad movie is a bad movie, but this one will just put you to sleep. The giant mantis effects are actually quite good when you can see them and we aren’t watching the creature fly around for the 80th time.

I honestly can’t come up with any talking points on this one. It’s a lame THEM! ripoff that never finds its pulse.


First things first, this one is going to be redone soon via RiffTrax Live on August 15, so definitely get on that.

This is one of those perfect storm movies for MST3K. Via a meteor, a bunch of spiders invade a Wisconsin town full of…colorful characters and a sheriff played by the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island. The attacking spiders come in various sizes from regular to dog-sized to gigantic. The gigantic spider comes off as more of a parade float than a movie monster, mainly due to it having an obvious car underneath it all.

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