Spider-Man: How the No Way Home Integrated Suit Connects All Three MCU Spidey Movies


Based on the intricately-detailed Hot Toys figure, No Way Home’s Integrated Suit is aptly name, showcasing costume attributes culled from across the Homecoming Trilogy, with design choices that make it stand out uniquely. In fact, what immediately stands out is the dominating solid gold spider logo on his chest, which—with a potentially protective riveted texture—has legs that span widely across Spidey’s shoulders and waist. Plus, as previously revealed by the retail releases, one of the unique attributes of the MCU costume, large, wrist-band-attached web shooters, appears to have been given an aesthetic upgrade, leaving his wrists now completely free, with the web shooters’ only visible presence now relegated to openings on his palms. It’s a look that is complemented by new gloves with fingers sporting the costume’s new black-dominant color, which against the signature red, almost appear tactilely finger-less.

Compounding the Hot Toys figure’s coolness, the even-pricier deluxe version will include a diorama display stand that perfectly captures the chaos teased in the trailers, showcasing building debris broken by the signature tentacles of Doctor Octopus, as played by Alfred Molina in a highly-anticipated reprisal of his Spider-Man 2 role, and some smoke-seeping, imminently-exploding pumpkin bombs courtesy of the Green Goblin from the Sam Raimi films—in this case the very first one—played once again after nearly 20 years by Willem Dafoe. However, this beautiful piece is far more dynamic than the simple static sculpture it resembles, since Doc Ock’s tentacles are actually bendable, allowing one to pose Spidey in some difficult scenarios, including the instantly-famous new trailer scene in which he’s being wrapped and ready to have his head-crushed. This awesome amenity, however, will require one to shell out $425 ($140 more than the standard) for the deluxe release.

Impressiveness aside, the Hot Toys release seems to be conspicuously missing a potentially-major aspect apparently attached to the Integrated Suit, that being spells. Indeed, the aforementioned unveiling of the retail tie-in toys, which occurred back in July, first name-dropped “Integrated Suit” for a Funko Pop! figure, which notably has Spidey jumping in the air (perhaps flying?) while wielding Doctor Strange-like magic spell glyphs from his right wrist and chest. Thus, one would assume that, with Spidey not being magic-adept, the suit’s Stark technology might have some improvised spell-casting abilities courtesy of the Wall-Crawler’s new magical multiverse crisis cohort. However, that ability won’t be unique to the Integrated Suit, since No Way Home’s recent trailer—even in its very thumbnail—shows Spidey utilizing those same magical upgrades while sporting the also-debuting Black and Gold suit. Of course, we’ll have to wait for the film to get the context behind this ability—and, for that matter, why Spidey has so many suits this time.

Spider-Man: No Way Home swings its way to theaters for a potentially watershed pandemic-era run on Dec. 17. MCU sequel Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness will presumably follow up directly, now scheduled (notwithstanding delays from the reported reshoots) for May 6, 2022.

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