Black Mirror interview: Charlie Brooker, Jon Hamm, Rafe Spall

CB: It was fortuitous, Jon Hamm’s involvement in Black Mirror. He’s probably better at telling how you got involved than I am.

JH: It was incredibly fortunate because I was over here doing press for Million Dollar Arm and I had asked my agent, does anybody know this guy, Charlie? And they said, actually, we just signed him. We both had a free night and we were able to sit down and have dinner, myself, Charlie and Annabel [Jones, Black Mirror producer] and he talked about this project he had going. In general terms it was ‘I like you’, ‘You like me’, and it was a really fun night. Then a couple of weeks later I got an email saying would you ever want to be in one of these? And I said yes I would, and fortunately he had one and offered it my way.

Are you finding that Black Mirror’s going global now? It just went on US Netflix and we’re seeing all these US critics discovering it for the first time.

CB: It has travelled a lot more than I thought it would. It’s big in China, it’s big in Spain… It’s obviously not as colloquial as I thought it was. It’s because technology is a global thing and wherever you go, people are prodding the same devices and worrying in the same way and have had their lives slightly altered in the same way, so I guess we’re fortunate in that we’ve tapped in to a sort of global sweet spot of enchantment or anxiety and there’s not many shows doing that. It’s been really interesting the reaction over the last week or so because it went up on US Netflix and suddenly it’s gone [huge].

JH: I just got in town from the US and I’ve been watching very closely how it’s reached some sort of tipping point, because the avalanche of people that have now seen it or are now talking about it in the States alone… no one had seen it when I came over here to shoot it, no-one knew what I was talking about and now I have studio executives saying ‘oh my God, have you seen this show?’ and I said ‘Yeah. I’m in one’. [Laughing]

Charlie, how excited were you to hear that Stephen King was a fan of Black Mirror?

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