Hanna Season 2 Ending Explained


Utrax’s Undercover Agents

Hanna makes a break for it, running into Marissa on her way out of the hotel. Marissa convinces Hanna to escape with her, but when they get to Marissa’s car, Hanna recognizes a waiting Grant as one of Carmichael’s people. It is revealed that the two agents that saved Marissa are not, in fact, working against Utrax, but with them. They staged Marissa’s “rescue” in the hopes that she would lead them to Hanna… which she technically has. Of course, Marissa and Hanna manage to escape (separately) because that’s just how they roll.

The Shootout at the Villa

Meanwhile, back at the villa, Raol has convinced Kat to activate the alarm while Clara is distracted emailing her birth mother. She does, and Leo, who has been driving around the area (per Sandy’s suggestion), hears it and makes his way to the villa. He promptly shoots Raol, just to get him out of the way, and sets about finding Clara and Kat, promising Kat that if she gives herself up, she’ll be safe.

Clara calls his bluff, knocking him into the pool where he is shot by Carmichael, who is presumably trying to hit Clara but doesn’t care enough about Leo to worry about getting a clean shot. Hanna, who has made it just in time to provide cover for Clara, shoots and kills Grant and then shoots Carmichael in the shoulder.

Marissa Takes Control of Utrax

It was already heavily implied that Carmichael was behind the government leak set to expose Utrax, but we get confirmation in the season finale. Alcohol never did Carmichael any favors, and it certainly didn’t the night he shared the list of Utrax targets with Robert Gelder, leaving the file alone with him for a minute to hobnob with another Capitol Hill V.I.P. In that time, Gelder took a photo of the list on his phone and later decided to follow his conscious and bring the information to the press.

Marissa figures this all out, but rather than exposing Carmichael, she makes a deal: he will bring her back into the Utrax fold and she won’t tell his bosses about his slip-up. Carmichael agrees, which means Carmichael will more or less be a puppet leader, with Marissa serving as the puppetmaster who is actually running day-to-day operations at Utrax should there be a Season 3. She’s also recruited Hanna for the job, which presumably means they will both be “undercover,” as it were, at Utrax, taking down the company (or whatever they choose) from within. This would make for another exciting premise reset for Season 3.

Terri’s Loyalty Shifts

Adding to the complicated game of allegiances at Utrax is Terri, who made the choice to protect Clara and her mother in the season finale by deleting evidence of their correspondence. We saw Terri express some uneasiness with what the Utrax job ethically entails since her first day on the job, but this was the first time she chose to act on those implied reservations. While it certainly doesn’t mean she’s up to join Hanna and Marissa’s side, it suggests that, should the opportunity present itself, Terri might be a good person to recruit. Especially given that, with Leo dead, Terri is poised to inherit more program responsibilities post-Barcelona.

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