He-Man: How Skeletor’s Meme Status Influenced Netflix Series


“You don’t want him redeemed,” David explains. “Even in the great Filmation Christmas special, where he’s like the Grinch, he starts to say, ‘I’m not nice.’ And by the end he’s still back to being a jerk and you want him to be a jerk.”

Second, he’s funny. The Skeletor in the new He-Man series has quips for days, taking even the most serious of situations and finding the snappiest insult that even he can’t help but chuckle at. Third? 

“You understand him,” David says. “Even if you don’t agree with him, even though he’s a jerk, you understand.” 

The new series takes a lot of time to set up why Skeletor is doing what he does. There’s a reason he has no flesh and there’s a reason he’s specifically going after Adam/He-Man.

Even with Skeletor’s meme status this element was key to the creative team so that even when Skeletor is cracking jokes he’s still menacing. One of the best parts about the new series is how Skeletor can go from funny to commanding to threatening to tragic all in one scene without losing what makes the character so much fun. Voice actor Ben Diskin’s portrayal helps that tremendously, his delivery of the lines owing a great debt to Alan Oppenheimer’s original performance while still bringing a more sarcastic and modern flavor to the character.

If the Internet is doing its job correctly it won’t be long until you start seeing memes of the new Skeletor that rival the old.

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