Masters of the Universe: Revelation Ending Explained


Wait, How Is Orko Still Alive?

After bringing Evil-Lyn back, Teela says she’s going to put things right. With the aid of He-Man and his sword, the two are able to suck back all the evil they’d been fighting against in the climactic battle. However, doing this would mean Orko would have to go as well since he’d already died in part 1. But then Evil-Lyn grabs his arm and says, “not this time.” 

We’re not given much other explanation of how Evil-Lyn was able to stop Orko from being pulled away but perhaps it was residual energy that was still within her after the battle with Teela. Still, it seemed pretty casual. All she had to do was just grab his hand? That’s a pretty easy fix to keep such a beloved character around.

Maybe it was meant as Evil-Lyn using her powers for good for the first time and it didn’t require a big show of force. She had the power to do things right, to make the universe a better place. Teela said the universe was “life” after all and perhaps Evil-Lyn giving Orko his life back was a way of living up to that. Still, a little bit of a light show between the two probably would have sold that better.

Evil-Lyn Renounced Her Magic?

Evil-Lyn returns alone to what appears to be Zalesia, the place she grew up. There she leaves her staff behind with what we can assume is the rest of power. But why would she give up the magic and return home, especially to a place that holds so many bad memories for her? 

It’s hard to say without any dialogue from Evil-Lyn in this scene but perhaps she’s going back to make a life she wants, one that isn’t defined by Skeletor, her parents, or anyone else. She’s bringing new life to herself, bringing life to a place that was dead to her. As many painful memories as Zalesia has, Eternia probably has even more. By looking to the past she’s heading toward a new future.

Is Duncan Still Retired as Man-At-Arms?

Duncan names Andra as the new Man-At-Arms in a big ceremony at the palace. Does this mean that Duncan is retired permanently and he won’t be in anymore battles? We aren’t 100% sure but it wouldn’t be a stretch to think he might stick around the palace even if it’s an unofficial capacity. After all, his daughter is there too. Speaking of….

Teela’s Status As Sorceress

Where before this series the sorceress was completely tied to Castle Grayskull, Teela’s changed how that position works. With her presence in the palace during Andra’s promotion it seems as though she can function outside of Castle Grayskull even if she might not wield all of her powers. We’ll have to wait for more episodes of the series to see how this plays out. Still, it’s good to know that Teela can still be with her friends and family.

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