Power Rangers: A Guide to the Multiverse

World of the Coinless

Appearances: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic, Go Go Power Rangers Comic, and Power Rangers Shattered Grid Trailer

 It’s the Boom Universe, but even darker! Here, Tommy joined forces with Rita, helped her take over the Earth, murdered her, and became Lord Drakkon. Many of the Rangers you know were killed and stripped of their powers, left to fight Drakkon with their meager resources as the Coinless. For those looking to travel to every Tommy-centric universe, the World of the Coinless can’t be missed!

Points of Interest 

– The land may seem a bit barren but there’s truly an ocean of riches for those willing to go on a bit of an adventure. Pick a side and join the Coinless or Drakkon’s forces if you’re into war games. The Coinless offer the perfect resistance lifestyle, complete with sneak attack missions and a fading will to live. Drakkon’s offer Sentry Ranger upgrades, as long as you’re willing to follow orders without question.

– For those just looking to see the sights, the Rita and Tommy statues made in their conquest of this Earth make for an excellent stop. The office of Drakkon tourism on this world kindly request you turn on your location when posting to Instagram, for safety purposes of course. If you happen to see Mastodon Sentries heading your way, pay them no mind. The tourism office promises they have your best interests at heart.

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If you aren’t planning to take part in either side of the conflict, we recommend making your stay a short one. Really short. We’d also like to remind that all reports of mass death to all tourists visiting the World of Coinless are unsubstantiated. Can you prove they never came back???

Reminder: Multiverse Transit Authority requires upfront payment for all travelers visiting World of the Coinless.

The Void

Appearances: Boom’s Power Rangers Beyond The Grid Comic Arc

Need a power source for your universe? Want to become a Power Ranger? Then the Void is for you! While experts have proven this universe is difficult to travel to, if you end up in a reality-reshaping event? It may be the perfect time to check out The Void for all your Zeo Crystal needs.

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Yes, that’s right. The Void contains the largest collection of Zeo Crystals in the multiverse! Even if you aren’t a Zeo Crystal hunter, the views alone from the Splintered Star are majestic!

Point of Interest

Those views can’t be beat! Just ignore the fact everything around you is slowly dying and you’ll have an amazing trip.


– The whole universe is in a state of decay so you might be wiped from existence.

– Due to The Void’s entropic and dimensional quirks, no one is able to access the Morphin Grid. Please be prepared with reserve Grid energy if you plan to make a longer stay.

Dark Dimension

Appearances: MMPR Seasons 1 and 2

For those who enjoy a more Spartan touch, the Dark Dimension is a quick jaunt perfect for travelers on a budget. Little is known about this dimension and experts have never been able to explore outside the prison area. Is there more? Is this just some kind of pocket dimension? Rita Repulsa refuses to answer, though she is happy to lease the space out between holding captured Rangers and punishing her subordinates.

Point of Interest

Sick of your traveling companions? Want to get away from the family? Trying to escape death at the hands of your captor? The smoke filled floor will obscure you from all sight, letting you wait out anyone who’s causing a big headache on your trip.


There’s a pretty good chance you’ll find a brooding Goldar, mumbling about failing his empress. He may steal any morpher in your position and challenge you to a duel that could end in a minute but drags on for hours. Also the bars of the prison are electrocuted so keep the little ones close!

Image Universe

Appearances: Power Rangers Zeo #1 Comic.

Everyone is really jacked here.  Are humans capable of that many abs in this universe? You’ll have to visit and see!

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Point of Interest

Gamma Vile is a wonderful place for all your deliciously on the nose evil needs.


You never see your own feet. You may also shred your own clothes by spontaneous growth of muscles.


Appearances: MMPR Season 2 Episodes 12 and 13 – Green No More

Do you want a universe where any half assed work is acceptable? Head on over to Otherworld where even cheap knockoff Power Ranger outfits are considered intimidating!

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Point of Interest

That cave is pretty nice. Who doesn’t love a nondescript cave that can be used to fake any number of locations?


Lord Zedd owns this dimension so just make sure to check with the Transit Authority before traveling, as Zedd may be in the middle of a dastardly scheme. Also don’t laugh at the Dark Rangers. We know it’s hard but please, do your best.

Gold Dust Dimension

Appearances: Power Rangers Ninja Storm Episode 30 – The Wild Wipeout

Ever wondered what you’d be like, but totally opposite? For those who have explored the Star Trek multiverse, this universe holds some similarities. Less beards though. 

Want to know what would happen if you joined Divatox’s Space Pirates? What about if Master Org didn’t viciously murder Cole’s parents? How about if Nick never stopped in Briarwood? This could even be a universe where Victor Vincent is (rightfully) the most popular person in the world!

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The Gold Dust Dimension was first discovered when Goldwinger sent Ninja Storm Blue Ranger Tori there to be destroyed by her alternate team. With Goldwinger destroyed the dimension is now fully open for commuter travel, with special packages available for meeting your alternate self!

Point of Interest

What greater tourist attraction is there than meeting your alternate self? Learn what choices set you down a path of evil or goodness! If you’re thinking about a change in morality, meeting your alternate self is the perfect way to skip a few steps on the road to good or evil.


Your alternate self may try to kill you or their goodness may make you sick to your stomach. Plan accordingly.


Appearances: Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai

Feeling a little dried out? Look no further than the Netherworld, otherwise known as the Sanzu River. Take a dip and feel refreshed as your body soaks up all the fear and misery of humans. Perfect for monsters looking to get away from pesky humans and relax with their own kind.

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Points of Interest

– Xandred’s ship is the perfect party spot for monsters, complete with barrels full of “medicine” if your headaches get out of control.

– For those looking to wallow in sorrow, Dayu is known to play an excellent song of despair on her Harmonium.


The river water is deadly to humanoids so apply gently!

Cyber Dimension

Appearances: Power Rangers Beast Morphers

It might be a miserable hole of a dimension for some but the Cyber Dimension can make a great getaway from any vague evil threats chasing you down! Yes, this is a dimension that caters to the evil of the multiverse and is currently occupied by Scrozzle and computer virus Evox. Thankfully the universe is a big place so as long as you don’t get in their way you’ll have a fabulous time!

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Point of Interest 

Those red skies make for a fantastic photo opp! What’s more evil than a red sky? For monsters this can’t be missed! 


As with anything that has the name “cyber” in it, be aware of pop up ads, the word “intertubes”, or deadly mega virus monsters that attack electronic systems.

Legacy Wars Universe

Appearances: Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mobile Game and the Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown short.

One of the strangest of the multiverse, it seems this universe is filled with nothing but arenas geared towards fighting. Every day thousands of battles take place and it’s become a gambler’s heaven. People will pick their favorite Rangers and pit them against each other. Some spend hundreds of dollars a month on these battles!

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Point of Interest

Watching Power Rangers duke it out on the floor of Ernie’s juice bar is a sight that truly can’t be beat. Order a banana shake and cheer on your favorite team!


While many delight in the Ranger battles, it takes an extreme toll on these versions of the Rangers. Every day they’re forced into thousands of matches and a day doesn’t go by where a Ranger doesn’t drop dead from being overworked. Many have tried to escape the battle leagues but none have succeeded. If you’re a Power Ranger we highly recommend not morphing in this universe or you may be forced into the battle leagues for the rest of eternity. 

RPM Behind the Scenes Universe

Appearances: Power Rangers RPM Episode 23 – And… Action!

Wait, this isn’t the RPM universe? No, although it may appear that way. In actuality this is a universe where the same events of RPM took place… in a TV show…. Or did it? The Grinder foot soldiers and Tenaya 7 are still seemingly robots and interviews with Green Ranger Ziggy proved to be inconclusive. All that could be deciphered is the RPM Rangers are making a show about their real lives.

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It really makes you question your perception of reality. What is real? What isn’t?

“What does it matter?” A voice says. “Your whole existence is being catalogued for the profit of a billionaire.”

Our whole existence is doomed to be repeated. The worst horrors of our lives replayed again and again for the amusement of others. Wife crushed to death by a giant monster? You get to play the part of yourself and do it all over again.

The voice returns. “As your body slowly slouches toward entropy, you’re asked to set up for the next shot. A mere extra in the TV show of your own life.”

Point of Interest 

At some point in the future the archive of the show of your life was wiped and replaced with a daytime soap opera. When reviewed by critics it was given a 2/5 rating, called a “meandering mess that’s only saved from complete failure by the sheer bafflement of it ever being green lit.”

Perhaps that critic was able to pierce through the veil and isn’t writing about the soap opera at all. Perhaps they were writing about you and everything you (never) accomplished.


You return to the endless void. Perhaps this time you’ll be reborn as something with more purpose. An upgraded foot soldier to help make the Red Ranger’s battlizer look cool. That’s all you dare to hope for. Maybe time will be reset and you’ll end up a dinosaur. That’d be fun.

Ahem… There are many other universes that have only recently been discovered or barely have any data. Travel to these dimensions, including the Talos Dimension (home to Lokar) and the Super Power Beat Down Universe is not recommended until more is known. Other universes, such as the Papercutz dimension or the Pink dimension are so similar to others we listed you may as well visit the more well known versions. 

We thank you for considering Multiverse Transit Authority and hope you enjoy your trip into the Power Rangers multiverse!

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