The Flash Season 8: Atom, Despero, and More Secrets of Armageddon Revealed


“Who do I absolutely have to have emotionally given the story that I’m telling? And two characters had to be in the story, emotionally speaking, as a part of Barry and Iris’ journey: Black Lightning and Batwoman.”

Of course, Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder is busy enough shooting her own show, but once Wallace spoke to Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries, he was able to clear her participation. And from the sound of it, that wasn’t difficult.

“It turns out Javicia was more excited than anybody,” he says. “She actually wanted to be in this five part event even more than we were able to use her because she would have been taken away from her own show, which would have been bad for the Batwoman folks and we don’t want to hurt our sister show obviously.” 

Chyler Leigh’s Sentinel from Supergirl followed, with the series finale fresh in everyone’s mind, but the biggest surprise might be the return of Katherine McNamara as Mia Smoak-Queen, the Green Arrow of the future who was once slated to get her own spinoff series called Green Arrow and the Canaries

“I have no idea what the plan was for the spinoff had it happened,” he says. “But we looked very specifically at that backdoor pilot episode and what it kind of proposed and then we did our own jumping off point from where we thought Mia’s journey might take her. I’m happy to report it linked up perfectly with Barry and especially links up very well with Iris’ emotional journey. We pick up in a very unique way right from that backdoor pilot. I know that series never happened but we do not only open the door back up for Mia Queen, but we break it down and we keep it open permanently so that she can return at any time.”


It takes a big villain to require all this extra heroic help, and that’s exactly what Armageddon brings to the table in the form of Despero, the red-skinned, three-eyed, fin-headed alien with the intense mental powers…who also shares the distinction of being the villain of the original Justice League of America #1. And while he spends a lot of time in a more “manageable” human form, the first episode also shows off an impressive, comic book accurate look for the baddie at the appropriate moments.