The Witcher: Blood Origin - Why the Conjunction of the Spheres Matters


Little did they know humans would turn out to be the real enemy. Viewers saw how the elven race had fallen on hard times in season 1 of The Witcher, and the exiled elf king Filavandrel even appears in the upcoming animated movie prequel, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. As unwelcome as witchers might be among humans, they did prove to contain enough monsters to allow their short-lived peers to multiply, pushing out the less prolific elves.

Thus the title The Witcher: Blood Origin takes on several meanings. The limited series is, of course, an origin story for the witcher race, but it is also the beginning of two bloody conflicts. The conjunction of the spheres begins the battle between civilized species and monsters, but it also portends the less obvious bloodshed of the downtrodden elven race. By the time the many centuries have passed between the two series’ point of view, the prejudice against and the segregation of the elves will become echoes of earlier violence in the long halls of history.

Remember that the next time you see the elven skeletons that are piled within the Tower of Aretuza, the sorceress stronghold that once belonged to those whose bones now litter the ground. The Witcher: Blood Origin will likely only make the pain of the slow genocide that much more tragic.

Other cast joining the previously announced Michelle Yeoh (Scían), Sophia Brown (Éile), and Laurence O’Fuarain (Fjall) are Mirren Mack (The Nest) as Merwyn, Jacob Collins Levy (Young Wallander) as Eredin, Francesca Mills (Harlots) as Meldof, and Nathaniel Curtis (It’s a Sin) as Brían. Declan de Barra, who writes for the main series, will act as showrunner, and Sarah O’Gorman (The Last Kingdom) and Vicky Jewson (Born of War) will each direct three of the six episodes.

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