Why the Arrowverse Needs Green Arrow & the Canaries


Such is the case with the Green Arrow and the Canaries backdoor pilot, which imagines the future of the Arrowverse in an entirely new and necessary way. The original story of Arrow was a distinctly male story—about fathers and sons, about male rage and disappointment, about learning that the world encompasses more than your distinct perspective. Now, during this glimpse into the future, we see a decidedly female interpretation of that series’ legacy—a world that is full to bursting with women. These women all have problems, agendas and arcs of their own, whose stories don’t exist simply to serve those of the men around them. It is, in short, a world that Arrow itself has been working toward in recent seasons, though it perhaps ran out of time to fully correct the wrongs of its earlier years. 

We don’t know yet whether we’ll officially get a Green Arrow and the Canaries spin-off, though if we’re honest, an all-female series is a perspective this universe definitely needs. But, even if we don’t, Arrow itself already made sure to illustrate that Oliver Queen’s story will continue, even after his death, and even if we never get to see it. And that’s all thanks to his daughter Mia, who has chosen to pick up her father’s bow and fight for the future he gave his life for. 

Much of Mia’s journey, naturally, will involve following in her father’s footsteps, and living in the shadow of a hero who literally reconstituted the universe as we know it as his final act. But her story is not her father’s—not even close—and that’s why it makes it one worth telling. After all, if a Mia-centric spinoff were just a gender swapped version of Arrow, what would be the point? 

Luckily, Mia has already been established as a fascinating character in her own right. One who is her father’s daughter in many ways, but who is certainly on her own journey, particularly in a postCrisis on Infinite Earths universe. Part of the reason for that is that, now, Mia literally contains multitudes. She remembers experiencing two different lives – one in which she grew up alone, hating vigilantes and struggling to survive, and another in which she’s Star City’s premiere socialite, daughter of its greatest, lost hero. 

The idea of a character attempting to forge a future for herself out of such disparate pieces is compelling in and of itself, given the ways in which her competing memories reshape her relationships with Connor, J.J. and William. Her current life had little to no interaction with Dinah Drake and Laurel Lance, but now she also remembers fighting alongside them to save the world. And all of that’s before we add in the whole putting on a version of her father’s famous costume and fighting crime in a mask. 

When we first met the original version of her character, Mia’s furious hatred of vigilantes and “superhero” culture was understandable. After all, being the Green Arrow’s daughter has shaped her entire life, for both good and ill. Sure, she had two amazing parents who loved her, but she grew up never knowing one of them and spent most of her life isolated with the other, trained in the art of combat by a literal ninja assassin. That version of Mia didn’t understand the things her father fought for, or why the sacrifice of a life with his family was worth it. This one does, and that’s part of what makes her decision to do the same so emotionally fraught. 

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